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The Hill (1965)

May 30, 2016

Sean Connery stars in a movie about five military prisoners in a detention camp in North Africa during World War II.

Roberts (Sean Connery) is a former  Sergeant Major who was convicted of assaulting his commanding officer who he felt was ordering his men in to a suicidal attack.

Regimental Sergeant Major Wilson seems to have good intentions. He breaks the men down and then builds them back up so that they will be useful to the army again.

Sergeant Major Williams is assisted by Staff Sergeant Harris, who sympathizes with the men and the camp’s Medical Officer (Michael Redgrave). Staff Sergeant Williams arrives on the scene and is very ambitious and cruel. He uses the Hill, a sand mountain in the middle of camp to break and torture the men.

The five prisoners begin to come together as a group as they are tortured by the cruelty of Sergeant Williams.

In a battle between the views of Sergeant Harris and Sergeant Williams, one of the men is driven to his death as he left out in the sun, and a cover up begins.

Roberts decides to make a report about what Sergeant Williams did and the men in the prison begin to revolt. He accuses Williams of causing prisoner Stevens death, but his cell mates won’t back him up because they are afraid of the hill.

The camp Medical Officer and Sergeant Harris decide to report Williams. Williams then goes to beat Williams, but his two cell mates intervene and severely beat Major Williams, while Roberts pleads with them to stop.